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Focus on the Nervous System

The nervous system is the governing system of every human action and experience, so in order to achieve the fastest and longest-lasting results, we go straight to the top and target the brain. To learn more about the assessment and training process, click here.

How the Brain Changes

The nervous system is plastic, meaning that it can be changed with stimulation, and it remains so throughout the lifespan. Click here to learn more about the catalysts of neural plasticity and how we use them to effect long-term change in the brain more quickly!

A Personal Approach

Your brain is unique to you, and a customized brain requires custom solutions.  Exercises are tailored to your needs and your capacity to get you to your goals faster.  Click here to learn more about how we find the minimal effective dose to keep you progressing!

Our Services

Performance Enhancement

Unlock the potential of the nervous system to improve athletic, academic, cognitive, and visual performance.

Pain Modulation

Change the incoming signals and how your brain interprets them to give your nervous system a more accurate map of when pain is really needed.

Martial Arts Training

Learn the arts, get in shape while developing skills, or drill practical self-dense techniques to help keep you safe.


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